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Top 9 Sunset Spots in Bacolod City

Bacolod has some of the best sunsets in the Philippines.

Why? Well because Bacolod City is a sunset city by nature. It sits on the western end of the Negros Island Region fronting the Guimaras Strait and is composed of mainly flat plains and fields which presents viewers with an unobstructed view of spectacular Philippine sunsets. 

During my many years in Bacolod, I have borne witness to the sheer beauty of the sunsets that can be witnessed around this fair city. I humbly believe that Bacolod and its surrounding municipalities have some of the best sunsets in the Philippines. Being the photographer that I am, I have made this list of The Top 9 Sunset Spots near and around Bacolod to prove to readers that the sunsets on this part of the archipelago are uniquely different. 

Disclaimer: The locations mentioned in this post include municipalities and cities located within the general vicinity and AROUND Bacolod. Thank you

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9. Cauayan

The silhouette of Turtle Island taken from the beaches of Cauayan
Although not technically near Bacolod, the sunsets at the municipality of Cauayan (and also neighboring Sipalay) garner a special mention due to the pristine nature of the white sand beaches that accompany it.

Located 4 hours to the south of Bacolod City, Cauayan and Sipalay are a haven for virgin white sand beaches and coral reefs teeming with life. It is a famous among the diving community of the Philippines and receives many foreign and local divers.

Photographers Tip: If you're looking for a place to stay in Cauayan, the best and classiest place in town is located at Punta Bulata Beach Resort and Spa in Brgy. Punta Bulata. 

8. Campuestohan

For a sunset closer to Bacolod, the sunsets at Sitio Campuestohan in the neighboring city of Talisay hit closer to home. Located 30 minutes to the east of Bacolod if you take the highway past the municipality of Murcia, Sitio Campuestohan offers a higher vantage point to see the sunset from the rolling hills of Bacolod. 

The air is also cooler up in the hills and the rolling landscapes will keep your eyes happy as you escape the lowlands of Bacolod. 

Aside from the sunsets, you can also catch the first moon-rise of the night as evidenced by this photo above. 

Photographers Tip: If you proceed further up into Sitio Campuestohan, you will come upon Campuestohan Highlands Resort which is a popular tourist destination because of its theme parks, swimming pools and adventure activities. Just be ready for it to be jam packed with people during weekends. 

7. BREDCO Port

The BREDCO Port in Bacolod City is one of the major ports of the city situated on reclaimed land. It is a bustling location full of sea traffic and cargo trucks that bring in all kinds of commerce to Bacolod City. Aside from being a major industrial hub, it is also a good place to watch the sunset from as practically anyone can just drive up into the port, park their car near the wharf and watch the sunset. 

You can see boats bustling to and fro in the sunset and the fishing pens of the coast of Bacolod also make a good foreground to sunset scenes seen from the BREDCO Port. 

Photographers Tip: Although not entirely dangerous, keep your wits about you and be alert since this area is very busy and there can at times be a lot of people coming in and out. Also, I would not recommend you stay in this place after dark since it can get a bit dark. But on the lighter side, a lot of Bacolodnons usually drive their cars up there with their friends and open a bottle or two of liquor during the evenings. 

6. Valladolid

Coming it at number six is the municipality of Valladolid. Located 30 minutes to the south of Bacolod past Bago City, Valladolid is home to what the locals call a 'Sunset Boulevard'. It sits on the a portion of the island that gives Valladolid a clear view of the sunset as it sets over the neighboring Guimaras Island. 

Photographers Tip: As soon as you reach the shore line of Valladolid, park your car on the side of the road before the eateries and get down on foot. Climb down the breakwater to the beach and take those sunset selfies. 

5. Talisay Shoreline

#lightfie at a bamboo hut while waiting for the sunset. 

For good sea side sunsets in the north of Bacolod, you should ply the shoreline of nearby Talisay City for exceptional sunsets. Right beside the national highway going north, turn into one of the many access roads that lead to residential areas beside the sea. 

Photographers Tip: If you want to add a human element to your sunset photos, stalk those fishermen walking along the shore line carrying big buckets. They are most definitely going to head out into their fishpens nearby to see if they caught anything. 

4. Old Wharf in Silay

If you want to catch a sunset that evokes a sense of nostalgia, you should definitely wait out the sunset at the old wharf ('pantalan' is wharf in the ilonggo dialect) in Silay City. Located in Brgy. Mambulac in Silay City (15 minutes north of Bacolod), the Old Wharf used to be one of the longest wharfs in Asia before being destroyed in World War II. All that is left of the structure are its concrete foundations that strike out into the sea. 

Photographers Tips: This old wharf makes for a nice environment because children from the nearby community of Brgy. Mambulac play among the ruins. Perfect photo op. 

3. Punta Taytay

Punta Taytay is a coastal community located 20 minutes to the south of Bacolod just before Bago City. It is home to a large community of fishermen and is also a popular picnic spot among the locals. The sunsets at Punta Taytay are very nice because of the wide beach that serves as a foreground to the spectacular sunsets. 

Photographers Tip: The beach is black sand and it isn't too clean, but that never stopped a photographer from capturing an interesting sunset. After taking your photos, go to a nearby hut on the beach and order a bucket of beer from any of the numerous vendors selling their wares at the numerous beach resorts around the area.

For my blog post dedicated to Punta Taytay, you can click this link here:

2. Brgy. Balaring, Silay

Another #lightfie in Balaring

One of the many restaurants on stilts that sit on the Balaring shoreline. Don't forget to order the porkchop!
Coming in at number two on the list of the best places to see the sunset near Bacolod is barangay Balaring in Silay City. On weekends with particularly good skies, I always find myself drawn to this little barangay 15 minutes away from the north of Bacolod. I find it quieter than Punta Taytay mentioned above and easier to get to.

Photographer's Tip: Balaring also has some amazing seaside restaurants (pictured above) where one can order a beer and some grilled porkchops while viewing the amazing sunsets at Brgy. Balaring.

For my blog post dedicated to Brgy. Balaring's sunsets, you can click this link here:

...and the winner is...

1. Don Salvador Benedicto

For me, Don Salvador Benedicto always has the best sunsets around Bacolod. Every time I make my way up this low lying mountain 45 minutes to Bacolod's east, I am always blown away by the sheer vibrancy of the hues that the setting sun gives off. The added height of the mountain gives a unique vantage point where the valleys, hills and fields can be seen stretching out into the horizon.

An added bonus is that Don Salvador Benedicto's weather is pretty chilly giving you  the perfect temperature from which to watch the best sunset in Bacolod.

Photographer's Tip: There is now a bar located on top of the mountain called Mountain View Bar. Ask any local where it is, but it is just located along the main highway. You can eat or drink there after shooting the sunset. Be warned though, it can get dark descending Don Salvador since there are no lights on the mountain road.

For my blog post dedicated to Don Salvador Benedicto and the best sunsets around Bacolod, you can click this link:

Well, that wraps up the list of the Top 9 Sunset Spots in Bacolod. I hope you enjoyed them or at least got some ideas about where you're going to chase the sunset next. If you know any other places near Bacolod where the sunset is exceptionally beautiful, be sure to let me know so I can check it out. Cheers!


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It should be Negros Occidental not Bacolod since most of the places are not in Bacood but on other cities and municipalities.

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