Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bacolod: Bago River

Bago River is one of the largest rivers that runs through the south of Bacolod City. Its wide river banks make it an ideal setting for small boats to ply the river. Along its banks, nipa and other palm like plants grow abundantly along its sandy shores.

This great river is located 15 minutes to the south of Bacolod City. It is located beside the City of Bago which was actually named after this river. It was named as such because the first settlers in this part of Negros Island started building their community along its sandy banks during the Spanish era.

It has long provided a source of life and livelihood to the people living just south of Bacolod due to its water supply for irrigation purposes and the many sources of trade such as harvesting nipa and sand along the river banks.

On my end as a photographer, I enjoy driving along the national highway which passes through some parts of the Bago River to photograph the sheer amount of life that revolves around this body of water. From the tops of bridges I wait, preying on the boat men as they cross from end to end of the river; and sometimes, if I am feeling adventurous, I descend to the river bed hopping from stone to stone to bear witness to the strong current flowing rushing from the highlands of Bago and Murcia out into the Guimaras Strait.

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