Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tagaytay: Antonio's Fine Dining

Antonio's Fine Dining, Tagaytay

The places that automatically come to mind when thinking of 'fine dining' in the Philippines are few and far between. But one name that hardly breaks a sweat when being the restaurant that a person mentions when thinking about this topic. This name is the (dare I use the term) legendary Antonio's. Antonio's Fine Dining is a classy restaurant located in the cool mountains of Tagaytay just south of Metro Manila that is known for their impeccable taste in full course meals. Read more after the jump:

Roasted Duck Breast topped with Pan Seared Foie Gras and Red Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, Berries and Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Jus. (Read more about it below)

I've always heard about Antonio's. The key take away from whatever I've heard about this place always boils down to three things: the food, the place and the price. The food, as they all say, is excellent. The place, as you would believe, makes you feel like you're not in the Philippines; and as for the price? You guessed it, it'll put a hole in that trusty old wallet of yours. After my girlfriend and I came from our dining experience there, I can say that these three facts are true. But rather than see the third point (price) as negative, I would say that you get what you pay for and the entire experience is worth it. (Lol I know this sounds like I am justifying the exorbitant amount we spent for our meals there, but really, it was worth it ;) )

Aside from ordering the main entrees which came with a salad, soup and dessert, we ordered this  Portebello Mushroom Souffle with a thick and creamy Gruyere Cheese sauce (Php 350) as an extra appetizer. We drowned the hapless souffle with this sinful white sauce.