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Baguio: Cafe By The Ruins - Dua

Cafe By The Ruins - Dua

Cafe by the Ruins - Dua (dua means the number 'two' in Ilokano) is the newest extension of the successful and widely popular Cafe by the Ruins restaurant in Baguio. Nestled in a new spot along upper Session Road, Cafe Dua still serves the same good food within a refreshing new environment. Read more about Cafe Dua below:

Kesong Puti Salad (Php 280) - Our favorite. The deep fried kesong puti really compliments the leafy greens (and especially the aragula!) in this delicious salad. 

Whenever I am in Baguio, my woman and I always make it a point to dine at the original Cafe By The Ruins (peep a short look at it I did here.) down by Shuntung street (downtown Baguio.) We always go to that quaint little cafe because breakfast there just seems so right. From the fresh greens in their dishes to the signature Baguio ingredients that they use, it serves as a Baguio ritual for me and my girlfriend.

When we heard that Cafe By The Ruins was expanding, we decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Baguio Bagnet (Php 340)  - "A typical Ilocano meal; double fried pork belly with Padas bagoong and tomato relish. Accompanied with sinigang soup."

I think this was the cheese platter. Not too sure but it tasted great! 

Big open windows overlooking the mountains make this cat happy :) 

Sadly I don't recall what exactly this was called, but I think this was the Spanish Omelette? It contained generous amounts of Baguio longanissa, potatoes and ground beef (?) inside. 

Cafe By The Ruins Dua interiors on the second floor over looking Upper Session Road. 

Baguio Longanissa - I really like the local interpretation of longanissa! 

Another close up of the Kesong Puti Salad. Look at that deep fried Kesong Puti! Gimme some nao! 

Cheese Lumpia Straws (Php 150) - Interesting little munchies filled with kesong puti also I think (the cheese never stops! which is good! haha). 

Lamb Sausage with Bean Stew - This was the first time I saw this on their menus. I am not too sure if it is a new addition to the menu but I like it a lot! The lamb sausage is very tasty and the hot bean stew compliments it very well! Just be wary because this thing makes you gassy haha every after-meal burp will conjure an image of what you just ate.

And of course Cafe By The Ruin's Salabat (Php 125 for a whole pot of tea)! We really like their salabat. It tastes real! Unlike all the powdered salabat you get at a grocery store. 

Cafe By The Ruins Dua also reportedly hosts art galleries and poetry readings to cater to Baguio's artistic community. Here is a cat, checking out a painting of a cat. 

Cafe By The Ruins Dua Details:

Address: Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Address Notes: Located in what once used to be the Purple Night Club, this restaurant is near Mario's.

Operating Hours: 7 AM to 9 PM

Landline: (074) 442 4010



Credit Card: Yes

Parking: Small parking lot but has street parking.

Cafe By The Ruins Dua Map:

The nice interiors of the second floor. 

Cafe By The Ruins Dua Menu:
(Click on the images below to enlarge)

The facade of Cafe By The Ruins Dua as seen from Upper Session Road street level.

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