Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baguio: Cafe By The Ruins - Dua

Cafe By The Ruins - Dua

Cafe by the Ruins - Dua (dua means the number 'two' in Ilokano) is the newest extension of the successful and widely popular Cafe by the Ruins restaurant in Baguio. Nestled in a new spot along upper Session Road, Cafe Dua still serves the same good food within a refreshing new environment. Read more about Cafe Dua below:

Kesong Puti Salad (Php 280) - Our favorite. The deep fried kesong puti really compliments the leafy greens (and especially the aragula!) in this delicious salad. 

Whenever I am in Baguio, my woman and I always make it a point to dine at the original Cafe By The Ruins (peep a short look at it I did here.) down by Shuntung street (downtown Baguio.) We always go to that quaint little cafe because breakfast there just seems so right. From the fresh greens in their dishes to the signature Baguio ingredients that they use, it serves as a Baguio ritual for me and my girlfriend.

When we heard that Cafe By The Ruins was expanding, we decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Top 12 Photos for 2014

My Top 12 Photos for 2014

2014 was one hell of a year. Now before we all move on to that 'new year, new me' stuff, I'd like to take a step back and share what my top twelve photos of this 2014 were. I found out that this year, I took around 8,705 photos. (and that's just the photos that I kinda wanted to keep lol). It was pretty tough choosing just 12 to place in this album.

I decided to choose the photos that had a more personal meaning to me rather than something with more visual impact. Check out each photo for a little back story on why I chose it.

I'd like to begin this album with cheese.

This year wouldn't have been as awesome if I didn't have this woman by my side. Through thick and thin and 889 kilometers (yep, that's how far we are from each other), this solid feline has put up with all kinds of surprises that have managed to crop up in the span of our relationship.

We had a pretty good year together and I'm looking forward to many more!