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Baguio: Patch Cafe

Food Photography: Patch Cafe, Baguio City

I recently did some commissioned work for this new and awesome little hotel cafe called Patch Cafe in Baguio City. They're getting popular for their desserts and all day breakfast. I was tasked with taking some food photos of their best sellers. 

For any one wondering, Patch Cafe is located in the Bloomfield Hotel, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City. (Read complete details of Patch Cafe at the end of this post.)

Patch Cafe Brunch Sampler (Php 190) - Baguio Longanissa, choice of Carabao or Beef Tapa, Crispy Dangit, Two Eggs of your choice, garlic rice, two pancakes and your choice of coffee or tea. 
*****Disclaimer: This is a commissioned shoot I (Andreo Bongco Photography) did for Patch Cafe. Anything written in the succeeding post must consider that factor. Thank you*****

Some people may say that I am biased since I was commissioned to do the food photography for this place, but heck, I am going to say it anyway. Patch Cafe is one of the hippest new hotel cafes in the city of pines... and their food is pretty damn amazing!

Official opened in December 17, 2014, Patch Cafe was originally called Cafe Sorelle and served the regular clientele of Bloomfield Hotel  until the owners of the hotel decided that their cafe needed a rebrand. After undergoing some game changing interior design and menu development, Patch Cafe was born.

Too bad I wasn't able to get that much interior shots of this place as the design is B-E-Autiful.(Ahh well, next time!) Patch Cafe now serves as a nice hide-y hole for people along or near the downtown area of Baguio City and Session Road. It offers weary souls the chance to unwind and relax over good food and pastries at a location close to the heart of the city.

Before Patch Cafe was Patch Cafe, diners used to be few and mostly made up of diners in their forties and up. But ever since the rebrand, Patch Cafe has now been experiencing an influx of customers from the younger generation. Students from the nearby universities often visit Patch Cafe to partake of their trendy desserts (like the Boston Cream Cupcakes, New York Cheesecakes or even the fancy shmancy Strawberry Saint Honore! [beats me why they call it that! haha]). Don't be surprised to find the cafe filled with groups of quiet students having relaxing study groups during dismissal time (4 PM onwards). The cafe is also very popular with the young professionals of Session Road. One can usually see leisurely business meetings conducted at one of the secluded inner tables of the cafe during the 8 to 5 grind.

In my humble opinion, I think Patch Cafe will solidify its place in the food map of Baguio City because of two things: it's all day breakfast dining and its ever-evolving pastry menu. Let me elaborate on each:

Patch Cafe has a huge serving of All Day Breakfast offerings. They have 12 breakfast items that you can order at any time of the day. They're capitalizing on the recent trend of all day, everyday breakfast food and this is especially popular with the younger generation as I'm sure that almost everyone has had a hankering for some breakfast food at around 6 P.M. in the evening! (Try the Patch Cafe Brunch Sampler!)

Also, the dessert menu is constantly changing and adapting to the finicky dessert cravings of diners. The good people over at the Patch Cafe bakery are always thinking of new cupcakes, pastries or delicacies to serve their customers. At any one time, you'll be able to see up to around 16 different desserts chilling on the shelf at the Patch Cafe counter top. (Try their New York Cheesecake, Tiramisu Cupcakes or their Strawberry Saint Honore!)

Continue reading the post below for complete info about Patch Cafe.

Patch Cafe's moist and delicious Chocolate Cake (Php 100 per slice) with an arrangement of New York Cheesecakes (Php 50 per piece) on the side. 

Patch Cafe's Apple Cinnamon Cupcake (Php 30), one of the many cupcakes that spring forth from the warm bakery of Patch Cafe paired with a refreshing jar of the signature Patch Cafe Iced Tea (Php 45)

Recommended Dishes:

For Breakfast: Try their delicious Brunch Sampler (Php 190 and pictured above). The true breakfast of Baguio champions. This is a sample of their best sellers during breakfast. It is composed of crispy dangit, beef or carabao (try it!) tapa, baguio longanissa, garlic rice, two eggs of your choice, two pancakes and a cup of coffee or tea. (Note: fruit is not included in the actual menu item.)

For Coffee: Try their special Hazelnut Cappuccion (Php 75 and pictured below). Using specially brewed Baguio coffee beans, this cup of coffee is their best seller because of its sweetly unique taste.

For Dessert: Try their New York Cheesecake (Php 50) It is currently their best seller in the dessert section.

For Snacks: Try either their Skinny Pizza (Php 280++), their Grilled Cheese Pan con Tomate (Grilled cheese open faced sandwich) (Php 150) or their Blue Burger (it's a blue cheese burger) (Php 150)

Patch Cafe's best selling cappuccino - the Hazelnut Cappuccino (Php 75). Brewed with some of Baguio's finest coffee beans.

Patch Cafe's Red Velvet Cake (Php 100 per slice).

This dish is called CPA (Php 190) (short for certified pork adobo? haha) it's basically shredded adobo chicken with pork belly over garlic rice. It is one of Patch Cafe's staple dishes.

Patch Cafe's Starwberry Saint Honore (Php 100)

Patch Cafe's Boston Cream Cupcakes (Php 35 per piece)!

One of Patch Cafe's Signature Dishes - the Garden Patch (Php 120). This is a refreshing salad composed of ingredients unique to Baguio - namely strawberries, peanut brittle and fresh romaine lettuce. Drizzled with vinaigrette. 

As stated earlier, Patch Cafe is located in the lobby area of the newly renovated Bloomfield Hotel. Here's a shot of their friendly front desk staff at the hotel. 

The cakes and coffee counter at Patch Cafe. New pastries and cakes are constantly being whisked up by the creative minds over at the Patch Cafe bakery for Baguio visitors with a sweet tooth!

Patch Cafe Menu:

  • Click on the images below to see the full menu of Patch Cafe:

Patch Cafe Contact Details:

Address: Bloomfield Hotel, #3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City 2600, Philippines

Address Notes: Cafe Patch is located in the lobby area of Bloomfield Hotel which is a stone throw away from Session Road and SM Baguio. It is right next to Hotel 45 and right before the rotunda of Session Road.



Telephone Number: (074) 446 9112

Operating Hours: Open Everyday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Peak Hours: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Cafe Patch usually draws in the after school and after work crowd. Don't be surprised to find many students quietly hooked up to their laptops and studying over a large cup of Patch Cafe's coffee or iced tea.

Estimated Budget: Php 200-250 per person for meals. Php 35-100 per person for dessert.

Parking Notes: Parking is a little bit scarce as the hotel only has 5 parking spaces up front. But there is a basement parking with a lot of room. You can also opt to have your car valet parked free of charge for cafe and hotel guests.


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