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Merchant Review: Tay Hua Trading Corporation

Tay Hua Trading Corporation

My review about a recent business transaction at Tay Hua Trading Corporation, which is one of the more reputable and well known studio equipment suppliers located in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Disclaimer: This photo is not mine. Image source: Intuition Photos -
(Disclaimer: Tay Hua Trading did not in any way pay me to do this review. I bought and paid for the item with my own funds.)

When you're a photographer based in Bacolod City, one of the most frustrating things for 'provincianos' like us is getting good quality studio equipment. Pickings are very slim here in Bacolod with almost no one offering softboxes, shoot through umbrellas or lightstands. One remedy to this is tapping photography gear suppliers in Metro Manila to ship studio equipment to you.

I stumbled upon Tay Hua Trading Corporation based on the many positive comments I read about it on a local Facebook group that was dedicated to buying and selling photography gear. People were pointing those in search of the aforementioned studio equipment to their website, which contains a full list of their products for sale. (I liked this a lot since their website has detailed product descriptions and up to date prices.)

Tay Hua Trading Corporation's Website:

Read more about how our business transaction went after the jump.

What I was searching for online was a Softbox I needed for an upcoming shoot. After searching the net and various Facebook sellers for one (some were out of stock or didn't have the size I wanted), I decided to inquire at Tay Hua Trading Corporation's website via e-mail inquiry.

I wrote an e-mail inquiring about a 60x90 cm Portable Softbox with a 9 foot light stand. I sent out an e-mail on September 19, 2014 and promptly received a reply on the same day after a few hours. The reply came from a certain Ackerley Chua (which I assume to be the boss) and he explained that there was a storm in Manila and could not access the shop. (Which was true). He explained in a simple and straightforward manner. I replied and told him it was okay and I would contact him again.

After a few days, Mr. Chua sent me an e-mail again on Sept. 22 (3 days) informing me that he had stock of the item I requested. He quoted me Php 3,400.00 for 1 pc. Portable Strobist Kit - Manual Softbox (60x90) with an upgraded lightstand of 9 ft.

He then said that shipping via LBC would be an additional Php 900.00 (This was a bit expensive in my opinion.) I then inquired if it would be alright if we used AP Cargo as my cargo forwarder.

(Note: AP Cargo is a popular cargo forwarder in the Visayas and Mindanao area. It is one of the largest. But I have had my fair share of bad experiences with them. Example: Cargo getting left behind in Manila, cargo getting delayed, cargo with a few dents and bruises... but that's another story. They are "generally" okay.)

Once I asked Mr. Chua if we could use AP Cargo, he obliged and was very accommodating. He told me that he would pack my item and deliver it to AP Cargo personally since they had a cargo forwarding office near his establishment.

(Note: I would later pick up the package at the AP Cargo office in Bacolod after 3 days and then pay only Php 400 for the delivery fee.)

Mr. Chua gave me bank account details of which to deposit the money to and I complied. I deposited the amount to the bank account on Sept. 22, and true enough, Mr. Chua had the item shipped the very next day at Sept. 23. He also sent me the waybill number.

As stated above, the product arrived after 3 days. I was surprised because the materials used were good, heavy and sturdy. This was as compared to other light stands I had bought from stores in Manila where the materials they used felt very cheap and breakable.

All in all, a very hassle free transaction. Scroll down for my pros and cons of using Tay Hua Trading as well as their contact details.

This is how my package came shipped by AP Cargo.

This is the softbox fully assembled. It was very sturdy and looked to be made with strong materials. 

Another angle of the softbox. 

This was a freebie. They didn't tell me they included this. A nice little gesture. I later found out on their website that they had a promo for every purchase above Php 3,000. This is a table tripod. 


  • Good Website. (Detailed descriptions, up to date prices displayed)
  • Can do bank deposits and shipping. 
  • Very fast, direct and business-like transactions. 
  • Quality and sturdy product as compared to different products I have bought. 

  • Not being able to see the item before purchasing is one of the major faults of e-commerce, but this is already a given in this transaction.
  • Reports (I say again, reports, of unsatisfactory customer service from on-site purchases.)

My Rating:

4.5 Stars

All in all, a very good and hassle free shop that has a wide offering of products. Very straight forward, no frills, no sugar on top, but it will supply you with what you need. Would definitely order from them again. 

Tay Hua Trading Corporation Details:

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