Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Engagement Session: Shirin & Van

Engagement Session: Shirin & Van

One of my favorite engagement shoots to date. Made even more special because of the trust that my subjects bestowed upon me as well as their special relevance to my own life. This was my first engagement session way back in April 2013. It will remain as one of my most memorable... Van and Shirin's "Post Nuptial". Read the description below to find out more. 

For this pre-nuptial, my client wanted something totally different from the done-to-death cheesy pictures of made-up couples dressed in fashion that they don't normally wear and sporting smiles that were probably manufactured in China. (Plastic). 

Instead of looking at the couple before the big day, my client wanted to offer viewers a glimpse of what the couple's life would be 48 hours AFTER the wedding. It was structured as a 'peek' into the beginnings of the newly-weds life together. 

As my client put it herself, "It’s a montage of moments during a lazy, slow and unstructured Sunday morning of a newly-wedded couple. It’s capturing the awkward yet intimate, romantic yet nervous, and simple yet compelling activities and movements that become the seeds of future Sunday morning rituals." I couldn't have said it better myself.

This has to be one of my favorite works yet and it would not have been possible without the help of a few awesome people that I would like to name now: Jake Morales, my co-photographer, KC Marcelo, the set designer, Eva Ramos Derecho, the make-up artist and of course, the beautiful couple themselves. 

Photographers: Andreo Bongco & Jake Morales 
Set Design: KC Marcelo 
Make-up: Eva Ramos 
Calligraphy: Shirin Eugenio Ramos

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