Saturday, November 1, 2014

BAPEX: Bacolod's Dedicated Facebook Group for Trading Cameras

BAPEX: Bacolod Photography Exchange

With the rise of Facebook in the recent years, groups on the social media site dedicated to buying and selling things have really taken off. Enter BAPEX or the Bacolod Photography Exchange, which is a Facebook group dedicated to the buying and selling of cameras, lenses and all other photography related equipment in Bacolod City. Find out how to be a part of this group after the jump. 

Have you ever been on a buy and sell Facebook group and found it too annoying because of all these people posting networking or pyramind scheme ads? How about cellphone buy and sell groups who are infiltrated by real estate agents? Or how bout simply buy and sell groups that have devolved into scam sites with questionable individuals posting very fishy ads? I've experienced all of that and I'm pretty damn sick and tired of Facebook buy and sell groups which aren't properly curated.

That's the reason why I created BAPEX (Bacolod Photography Exchange). I wanted Bacolod to have a group that was solely dedicated only to the trading of photography related items and services and nothing else. I also wanted a group which was strictly moderated. Meaning that posts on the group need to have the complete information about an item being sold.

One of the main requirements of BAPEX is for post to have the following complete details:

  • Actual photo of the item. 
    • One that was taken by the seller to guarantee authenticity.
  • Price
    • I hate it when people don't post the price of an item for sale and this forces users to comment on the post and ask the seller how much the item. It's a cheap tactic to get more engagement on the post. 
  • Item Condition
    • So that the seller or buyer know exactly what they're paying for.
  • Contact Details
    • For contact details, you can either post your e-mail address, cellphone number, landline or you can specify to be contacted via Facebook PM. This adds a sense of credibility to both buyer and seller since Facebook is chock full of scammers nowadays. Also facilitates faster communication between buyer and seller. 
  • Item Location
    • Need I say why?
  • Type of Transaction
    • Some people prefer bank transactions or meet ups only.
  • Reason for Sale
    • Helps shed some light about why the user is selling his item. Gives the buyer a clearer picture. 
How to Join BAPEX:

Simply click on this Facebook Link:

Or you can seach for "BAPEX" or "Bacolod Photography Exchange" on Facebook and click the join button. Once you do, you'll have to be approved by admin or by a current member. After which, you can post away as long as you abide by the group guidelines.

Well that's that. Hope you guys can join the group and start posting items! See ya!

A sample of the ads that are posted by happy BAPEX users. 

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