Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bacolod: San Diego Pro-Cathedral in Silay City

San Diego Pro-Cathedral, Silay City

The San Diego Pro-Cathedral in Silay City, Negros Occidental, serves as one of the most prominent landmarks of nearby Bacolod City. It comes only second in grandeur to the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City proper. It plays a key role in the cultural formation of the dominant Catholic population and is a monumental addition to the old Spanish feel of the romantic little city called Silay. 

The San Diego Pro-Cathedral stands erect in the background as religious sculptures file past its form during the Holy Week celebrations in the Philippines.
Although not the main cathedral of Bacolod City, the San Diego Pro-Cathedral sure seems to me like it is the most iconic. With its white concrete walls that take on a subdued yellow glow in the sunlight, this "pro-cathedral" will catch many an eye for first time visitors in Bacolod and Silay City.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bacolod: The Ruins in Talisay City.

The Ruins at Talisay City

The Ruins at Talisay City in Negros Occidental have always served as one of the landmark tourist attractions of Bacolod City. These skeletal remains of a sugar baron's once majestic mansion draw people from all over the world and offer them a glimpse at the culture that was prevalent among the Negrense hacienderos. Read more about this jewel of a place after the jump. 

If there's one place I'd recommend people to visit in Bacolod, it would have to be The Ruins.

I say this because for me, The Ruins symbolize a lot about what the culture of people from Bacolod and Negros have to offer. From visiting the place, you can learn about our deep Spanish influence, the sugar industry, the life of hacienderos and the tragic love story behind this famous facade.