Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bacolod: The Secrets of My Home

***'The Secrets of My Home' was written as my first ever featured article in a young and upcoming magazine dedicated to the youth of Bacolod City called Hubin Magazine. It was published in their Second Volume on April 11, 2014. My article can be found on page 158 of the magazine.

You can check out the entire Hubin Magazine and download it for free here:


Photo by Miguel Sy

Where is home?

Home can be many places, can mean many things and is called by many names. It is ambiguous and fluid, shaping itself to fit the definition of the person who calls it by its name. To most, home may be a nice tidy house tucked away in a quiet subdivision. To many, home is a lofty condominium over-looking the vast city sky line. To me, home is the fields.

Home is the sugarcane, and dazzling yellow sunsets, and mountains and rivers, and farmers with their beasts of burden in tow. Home is a lush green landscape filled with a patchwork of brown and green fields as seen from above. Home is a city of smiles, a festival of masks, a place where everyone knows everyone and a land where life is sweet. Home is Negros. Home is Bacolod. Home is where my heart is.