Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fujifilm X20

Before I begin, let me state that this camera is not mine. It's my father's. But damn, do I want it! My mother gave this camera to my dad as their anniversary gift and ever since he unboxed it, I am green with envy. From the design to it's handling, I am in love with it. What I like about it best though are its aesthetic qualities. The retro feel is reminiscent of the film range finder cameras of days gone by.

Being the vintage looking beauty that it was, I decided to practice my product photography on this little baby. These are the results of that happy experiment. For the shot above, I wanted to group together things which look classic, elegant and tasteful. So I gathered a bunch of photography books (you've definitely got to included an Ansel Adams one in there!), the antique brass pocket watch from India that my girlfriend gave me :) , a Parker pen that was mostly monochromatic, a few foreign coins and of course my grandfather's old trusty Ronson lighter located at the bottom right of the picture. I'm quite happy with what I was able to capture.

Now, for a little bit more about the star of this photograph, the Fujifilm X20. Fujifilm has been staging a comeback as of late with the introduction of their "X" series of cameras. These Fujifilm X-Series cameras are mirror-less compact digital cameras that are catered towards the high end crowd who don't want the hustle and bustle of bringing around a bulky DSLR with too many buttons & functions. Although small and compact, these little cameras are surprisingly capable and produce a high quality image.

One of these days, I'll probably do a review about the X20, but let me just tell you that I was damn well surprised when this little baby gave me dreamy 'bokeh' (blur) shots with no problem at all. (Note to self: post pictures taken with the X20)

In the absence of a formal review of this X20, let me jot down some quick details of what's under the hood.. err.. image sensor. The X20 was launched in January 7, 2013 and is the entry level 'X' series camera. It retails at around Php 36,000.00 at all local camera shops (since there is already a Fujifilm distributor here in the Philippines, they regulate their prices well. So you won't see price ranges that differ greatly from shop to shop Also, the photography black market hasn't been able to smuggle in Fujifilms at a discounted price yet. Well, at least to the extent of my knowledge, they haven't.) (Oh and in case you're wondering, this was bought in Camera Haus, Robinsons Bacolod.

The X20 is aimed at what Fujifilm calls 'enthusiasts'. These 'enthusiasts' according to Fuji are people who already have a DSLR but yet want a small portable camera that can keep up with the quality output of a DSLR. In that aspect, the Fujifilm does not disappoint. It packs a 12 megapixel 2/3 type CMOS sensor (don't mind the jargon. Basta, mirrorless), and the lens on it is a built in, un-attachable zoom lens (specifics: 28-112mm f/2.0 - f/2.8). This means that unlike a DLSR where you can change your lenses to fit your needs, the X20's lens stays fixed. Much like that of your normal compact digital camera.

Lets run down the other things that caught my eye: it can capture images in RAW format (meaning the largest size available as well as the format used by professionals), it can record videos in full HD at 1080/60p. (Basta, very good!), it has built in editing programs that can give your photos the 'Instagram' effect whenever you want.... and.. and.. and.. it's freaking sexy! (I'll really come up with a review sometime. So many good things to write about this little gem).

So until next time, here are more pictures to make you salivate over this beautiful piece of image capturing hardware.

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