Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to Days Gone By!

This year has definitely been an amazing adventure for me. Thankfully, there have been more ups than there have been downs. There have been more friends made, than lost (if there are any at all) and there certainly has been a lot more learning than well.. err.. being stupid? lol the point is, this year has taught me a lot and I'll sure be sad to see it go. But then again, I think to myself, if this year has been awesome, what more the next? It's up to us to make our year amazing! But let's not forget where we've been and what we've experienced so we can make next year even better :)

Looking back at days gone by, I've compiled a little picture collage of a few places that I've been to that have somehow made an impact on my 2013. Here's to not forgetting some of the good old days :) Hope you like 'em!

January 2013 - Bacolod

January 2013, I was still working for McCann, but I was able to get a long break for the holidays which I happily spent at my hometown of Bacolod (like I always do every year). The fields are especially beautiful and breezy during January, so I decided to take my dad's pride and glory out for a ride when I was home.

You can find more pictures from that here:

February 2013 - Laiya, Batangas

Towards the end of February 2013, we took a short but meaningful trip to a beautiful beach on the Batangas Coast. Laiya was a welcome respite from work. This has got to be my favorite shot from 2013

You can read more about this here:

March 2013 - San Fernando, Pampanga

March 2013 found me with a group of officemates (one of which is sorely missed) on our way to Pampanga for the San Pedro Cutud Lenten rights. This holy week celebration was a real eye opener for me since it showed me how some people choose to interpret their faith. I can still hear the screams. They don't really bother me that much actually haha

April 2013 - Bonifacio Global City, "Makati"

April 2013 was a busy month for me at work. I didn't get to shoot a lot of photos since I was mostly confined to the hustling streets of Bonifacio Global City, but it was during those long nights at work that I realized that we had to be thankful for the little breaks in between.

This here is a shot of a building crane operating late at night. I was doing Over Time and I needed a break so I climbed up our building's roof to get this.

May 2013 - Ambuklao Dam, Benguet

May 2013 saw me going up to Baguio for the first time this year. Had a lot of fun exploring the city and especially the outlying towns more. Here's a sun set shot of the mountain range seen from the Ambuklao Dam. We chased this sunset for quite a while but it was worth it. It was as if the mountains were on fire.

May 2013 - Singapore

May 2013 also saw our family take our first out of the country trip together. Since it was my second time in the Lion City, I had fun showing them around. I especially remember when me and my two brothers left the hotel in the middle of the night and trekked out to see the Merlion at Marina Bay. No gangs of tourist. Perfect.

You can check out more pictures of Singapore here:

June 2013 - Taal City, Batangas

June 2013 saw me and my girlfriend visiting the tiny town of Taal in Batangas. It literally feels like time forgot this sleepy little town beside the Taal Volcano and lake. Old Spanish houses lined the cobblestone streets and we were also able to see the largest Catholic church in Asia, the 'St. Martin of Tours' Basilica.

July 2013 - Sky Ranch, Tagaytay City

July 2013 had a lot in store for me. It was my last month in McCann before I quit. One of the promises I made myself after I resigned was to travel a lot more.

Here's one of those promises come to life in the form of a Ferris Wheel. My aunt, a friend and I traveled up to Tagaytay in search of a sunset over Taal lake but instead, we found an amusement park. Here's the Tagaytay Sky Ranch Ferris Wheel which is the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines.

You can check out more shots here:

July 2013 - Corregidor Island

July 2013 also saw me visiting a place steeped in history with my aunt and a friend. We visited Corregidor Island in the mouth of Manila Bay. Since I love history, it was a real treat for me being able to see the ruins of this proud American fort and the last vestiges of resistance in the Philippines before the Japanese took over.

Here's a shot of the Mile-long Barracks in Corregidor. For more pictures, you can check out:

July 2013 - Mine's View Park, Baguio City

July 2013 was when we headed up to Baguio for the second time this year. It was time well spent taking pictures of jewelry, flowers and hotel rooms for my girlfriend's family.

Here's a shot of a band of Baguio's iconic Everlasting Flowers at Mines View Park.

For more pictures of Baguio in Bloom, you can check out:

August 2013 - San Juan, La Union

August 2013 saw me visiting San Juan, in La Union for the second time. It was a short but exciting trip that was filled with sunsets, walks along the beach and meeting new people.

For more pictures, you can check out:

September 2013 - Siliman University, Dumaguete City 

September 2013 found me on my way home to Bacolod to start work for my family. It was a big leap leaving Manila behind, but it was a decision I both had to and wanted to make. Coming home was refreshing for me in the sense that I was able to re-connect with my family after being away in Manila for 5 years or so.

Here's a shot of a vacation we took to Dumaguete City as soon as I got home. Seen here is Siliman University.

You can check out more pictures here:

October 2013 - The Ruins, Talisay City

October 2013 found some officemates visiting Bacolod for the Masskara festival. It was nice having them over and reliving old times at work. We toured around Bacolod to see what my hometown had to offer them.

Here's a shot of one place which every visitor must see when he goes to Bacolod. The Ruins in Talisay City.

November 2013 - Sipalay City 

November 2013 was when my girlfriend and a close friend visited Bacolod. They wanted to head to a beach so I took them to the best beach that our province had to offer.

Seen here is the virgin beach of Sipalay at sunset. We were lucky enough to have been there when it was at the zenith of it's beauty. Soft white sand, gentle tides and fiery sunsets.

You can check out more pictures here:

December 2013 - Session Road, Baguio City

December 2013 found me once again at Baguio City for the holidays. Experiencing the rhythm of the city during the yuletide season was a totally different thing with the joy of Christmas present every where you turned. It was a great way to end a year of travel and taking photos.

Seen here is Session Road's huge Christmas Tree. You can check out more pictures here:

Well, that is more or less my year in photos. Thank you 2013! You've been wonderful. Come on over 2014! I'm ready for you!

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