Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunsets on the Beach in La Union

Before I kick the proverbial bucket (well, not really) and head home to the land of sugarcane and marinated chicken, I decided to have one last spontaneous trip with my little cat of a girlfriend to San Juan, La Union in the hopes that we would be rewarded with surf and sunset. Of which, only the latter was made available to us. (Oh well, there's always next time)

Hopped on a bus in the dead of the night (1:15 AM to be exact. Via Victory Liner of course. Php 720) and made my way to Baguio to pick up my cat. The bus ride took around 5 hours since the trip was first class, had no stops and were driven by very competent drivers. (Victory Liner may not be paying me but I swear this is by far the best bus company out there. Sucks to be you Farinas and Partas)

My cat and I then took a 2 hour Partas bus down to La Union. (Bumpy ride, crapo seats, Php 108) Stopped at the terminal then took a Tricycle (Php 60) to Brgy. Urbiztondo where the surf resorts are. My cat would then stay with her uncle and aunt in their little piece of paradise beside the little surf resort where I would be staying since we're old school and galante like that and all that other jazz.

What ensued would be a restful 2 days of long walks by the beach, sipping on fruit shakes and munching on carbohydrates during the day and drinking a beer or two while listening to the waves kiss the dark shores at night.

We didn't get to surf because of the rain and strong waves, but the sunset that greeted us on our trip there was worth the entire trip. Most spectacular sunset I have ever seen with an unhindered view of the South China Sea and the sun painting the skyline a deep red and warm yellow to close the day.

My cat taking her first tricycle ride. I am so proud.

Went there on a Monday-Tuesday which meant that it was off season for the entire beach. Very few people meant a even more laid back vibe for the entire beach.

Stayed in a little surf resort called 'The Little Surf Maid' (Link Here). Nice and quiet resort owned by a old white guy. Since it was off season they had 50% off for their rooms. So I had a nice one bedroom studio all to myself for about Php 1,525.

Grabbed some munchies at the Kahuna Resort which was along the beach. Pricey food (around 250 per plate) but well worth it due to the serving size. Just a little bland in my opinion.

El Gatito glowing in the afternoon sun.

What was also very relaxing was playing with my girlfriend's uncles dogs named Brandy (above) and Mateo (below). Brandy is a house dog who is extremely quiet. He never barks at anyone he doesn't know. Instead, he'll make his way up to you and roll over on his belly. This means that he is inviting you to partake of stroking his belly elaborately. He twitches his left leg in kind recognition once you accomplish this most honorable deed.

This other fine dog is named Mateo. He's supposed to be the guard dog of the little slice of heaven Gia's uncle calls home but all he wants is a little love. As long as he knows you are the family's guests, he'll quietly sneak up on you and place his head between your legs with his ears drooping down. (This also means that you HAVE to pet him. Who can say no to those hazel brown eyes?)

Relaxing trip. More beaches to bum around on and more sunsets to come.

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