Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roxas Blvd.

Well, it's definitely been awhile... but, I've finally decided to get off my bum and update this little refinery of mine.

Most recent update: I've finally enrolled in formal photography classes! Some of you don't know that I've never taken a single photography class in my entire life. Ever. Comes like a surprise to most of you I bet? But yeah, that's me. Classic photography barbarian who's been studying aperture and shutter speed through the internet since time in memoriam. But not anymore baby.

I iz legits now. Lawls. Legits noobs.

Anyway, I'm taking classes at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI)  . In case you haven't heard about them, they're this pretty good place that offers short courses on photography from respected professionals in the industry. They're located nearby at Chino Roces Ext., Makati.

To be specific, I decided to once and for all pat down my photography fundamentals with the Basic Photography Course. (

It's a 3 day short course that covers all the technical details of photography. You'll learn the answers to questions like: "which part of the lens do I point to people with?" or "Is it alright if I depress the shutter button with my thumb instead of my pinky finger?". I KID.

All in all, it's a good short course for the basics. I'll probably due a review on that course soon... if I don't get too lazy...and if I don't get too hungry... or if my cat doesn't coax me into playing with her first (nyar) ;)

Any the wayz, hurr is one of the excursions of our little class. Roxas Boulevard. I haven't really taken the chance to drop by here and shoot. What intimidated me was the fact that I never had someone to back me up if a street kid tried to rob me of my gear. Thank the heavens shooting in a pack deters most snatchers like a fat kid hates jogging. Hello fat kids, laugh at my ill-placed sizist joke here. 

Enough of talking to myself. Please affix your eyes to the aforementioned photos. Noted with thanks. Regards, Shooblayahgars.

Saw these kids fishing along the boulevard. They tied a piece of line to a water bottle that served as their rod and were throwing an empty hook without bait into the sea and reeling it in. How that can catch fish: I don't know.

Ladies and gents, Dalyn's Store. Your one stop mobile convenience store along Roxas.

Malate Church. Too bad it was closed. Me wants my interior shotz please.

Raja Sulayman monument in the Rajah Sulayman park just outside Malate Church. Thought this dude was Lapu Lapu. Did you know he was the last king of Manila? Me neither. Thanks Wikipedia. You the bestest!

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