Sunday, March 24, 2013


What better way to wet someone's appetite for summer than to head to the beach?

The azure waters and the fine sand always make for a welcome invitation to those all too used to the gray and gravely city that we each leave behind. Here are some pictures of a recent trip to Laiya, Batangas to cool my heels for what looks to be a pretty stifling summer.

I honestly have to say that I am proud of the shot I took above. It may not be much to you, but to me, it definitely indicates progress with my photography. A noted improvement, a dash of learning here and there and I'll get better little by little.

Patience young one, even the sun needs seconds to melt the ice.

For some of you that are wondering how I got the that ethereal effect of glass-like water in my shot, I used a ND Filter (Neutral Density) to suppress the light entering my lens in order and make my exposure of the water longer than normal therefore leading to the smoke like quality. (I learned this from an awesome cousin who is my filter guru. You can check out more of his filter filled work here:

For those of you that are wondering how I was able to get good light for this shot, I used a technique called HDR (High Definition Range - Rendering which means that I have to take 3 exposures of the same photo and merge them into a single picture in post processing to be able to accurately cover all light ranges.

For my settings, here's my EXIF data:
Time: 5:55 PM
EXIF Data: 3.0 seconds, f/22, ISO 100, 12mm
Lens Data: Nikkor 12-24mm f/4
Filter Data: Hoya Pro 1D 77mm ND4x (0.6) Neutral Density Filter
Post Processing Data: 3 Stacked Shots at 1/3 EV for each converted into an HDR image via Photomatix Pro 4 and tweaked with Lightroom.

Coast of San Juan, Batangas

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