Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Collection of Sunsets

I think you will agree with me when I say that there is something about a sunset that captivates the human mind. Just like moths drawn to a candle's golden glow, the eye is drawn towards the radiance of the sun. You can't help but pause for a moment and reflect as it dips below the horizon and illuminates the Earth in a wash of colors before blanketing us in darkness.

To me, the sunset has always been my favorite golden hour. Two reasons for this: One, sunrises are too early for me to drag my ass out of bed and Two,a sunset offers me one final chance to chase the day's dying light as it flees the onset of night . For someone who loves photography, dynamic light is a extremely important ingredient in creating a good photo. Ask any photographer out there and he'll tell you that a craving for sunset shots is not a longing easily satisfied.

I've never grown tired of chasing sunsets and I don't think I will. I enjoy having no set plan when I head out to try and capture that elusive golden light. Wherever the light takes me, I'll be there.

This is a small collection of some the more recent sunsets that I've caught up with. The first sunset (pictured above) was taken on a chilly afternoon at the Bacolod Port or BREDCO. Although this place has been known as a haven for pickpockets, holduppers and your occasional smuggler, the sunset gave it a unique and tranquil glow that signified a ship dropping anchors after a smooth day of sailing.

This next set was taken from the Ayala Hills Golf Course. Located a little past Ateneo in Quezon City, this golf course offers a great panoramic view of Manila with the rolling hills of the golf course as the foreground. There's even a nearby Dencio's to satisfy a hungry sunset-chaser's appetite after shooting.

And finally, my usual haunt -The top of my building. I have to sneak past a few security guards and place stoppers on a few automatic-lock doors, but the view from the 42nd floor is worth it. You can see Makati in all it's splendor as the sun sets over Manila bay.

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