Sunday, January 13, 2013


The dawn comes,

bringing light to the fields.

The farmers rise,

Their beasts of burden in tow...

The fields sing with the wind, swaying, rustling, caressing their sunburnt skin.

We head into the woods, into the welcome shade...

The trees greet us with a cooling embrace.

We dash out into the fields once more, only pausing to find treasure where it may grow

A moment's respite, the work resumes. 

But is it ever enough? What lies in store for us after a hard day's work?

A farmer must always remember to sow new seed after every harvest...

Planting can wait, for now, we harvest.

We fill bales upon bales with our crop, the load soaring ever higher into the sky,

This is a good harvest, a rich and a sweet harvest. The table will be set tonight.

In our joy we erect monuments to our gain, we flaunt our brash pride to the world.

We set our sights on the fields once more, waltzing and prancing through the stalks,

We come upon opportunities to explore the unknown. Tenuously, timidly, we take a chance and cross the bridge,

We are rewarded.

The day ends magnificently with the sun bathing the fields in gold before disappearing over the horizon...

We pause to give thanks...

For the day is done.

And a new day lies ahead. 


Jessa Costelo said...

This really is pure talent and passion. Thumbs up! God bless you!

Andreo Bongco said...

Thanks for the kind words Jessa! :) Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Andreo I'm really impressed! But I guess you were always a writer and you always had it in you. Kudos! Ms. Ang

morethanwonderful said...

I love this entry, Dre! Your photos are really good :) Looking forward to read more posts in your blog. - Nine

Andreo Bongco said...

Thanks Nine! :) Really glad you like it!