Sunday, December 2, 2012

UP with the Dawn.

One of the hardest things in the world is to do is to wake up early on a Sunday morning.

But there is no morning that is too 'early' for those who like to chase the sun. My good friend Jake and I decided to corner the sun as it rose over the UP Diliman on a bright Sunday morning.

The reason why we chose to wake up so early is because of the 'golden hour'. The 'golden hour' is what photographers like to call the hour in which the sun rises or sets. This is by far the best time to take your photos. The quality of light that the sun emits during this time is excellent for photographs. The light is softer, more diffused and give your photos a 'warmer' feel.  This is just one of the few reasons why taking photos during the golden hour is so much fun. I bet you can read even more about it when you just Google 'golden hour photography'.

Anyway, enough about photography shizzles and more about UP. Jake and I contented ourselves with squatting, crawling and crouching through UP's overgrown brush in search of interesting angles.

Another thing which I liked about UP in the dawn was the large number of morning joggers. The place was literally packed with people jogging around the UP Oval. 

I liked how they closed the Oval off from traffic to encourage joggers to come.

Nearby food stalls cater to the hungry jogger. 

Just a typical Sunday photowalk. 
Jake didn't want to end the photowalk without grabbing some UP Taho. Tasted great according to him.

Capped the morning off by heading to the UP Shopping Center for some of Rodic's famous Tapsilog. 75 pesos for a plate filled up with some damn good Tapa and eggs. Nom.

Nice little photowalk, I think I'll drag my bum out of bed to do this again soon.


Bugsy said...

Let's do it here in December.

Andreo Bongco said...

Sure tita :) Just tell me when you're coming over haha