Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Birds & the Beasts

Let me introduce you to my carabao. Call him Carry. 
Sometimes, the city can get too stifling. Traffic, pollution and bustling crowds of people all come together to take away your breathing room. When all else fails, and your vision starts to get blurry from the lack of air, you're faced with no other alternative than to head to one place.

The jungle.

Grab your trusty bolo knife and cut your way through the vines and the mosquitoes and the unending work e-mails and head to the jungle. In the jungle you will find the birds and the beasts and in these animals, you will find peace.

It's nice to just sit back and watch them do their own thing. The Carabao couldn't care less what his work load is come Monday morning. The Toucan don't give an F about the bills he has to pay. The tiger sure as hell doesn't give a hoot about getting home before rush hour.

They're just doing their thing.


In the jungle.

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