Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back to My Roots

This Holy Week I went back to Bacolod to get some much needed R & R after a very tiring yet fulfilling finals month. Aside from reconnecting with my family, eating my body weight in food and sleeping I was also able to warm up my "photo muscles" for the oncoming summer. 

I haven't shot in about two months and I could feel that I was getting rusty. So me and my aunt set out to do our two favorite things. Shoot and Eat. Of the two I don't know which is more of our favorite but I would say that they complement each other finely. 

One of the numerous fields ready to re-planted with sugarcane.  
After shooting for a bit, we went to Cafe 1925. It's one of Silay City's numerous hidden gems. Tucked away in a quiet little side street, this cafe is a well known secret among people living around the area. It is small, cozy and has a vintage feel that sets the atmosphere right for the hungry traveler.

Have you guys heard of Batchoy? It's a noodle soup made of pork, beef and chicken stock that is the specialty of Iloilo City. But have you heard of Bas-oy? Apparently, it's Batchoy without the noodles. That means more beef, chicken and pork. Perfect.

Bas-oy is Cafe 1925's specialty and it didn't disappoint. The tangy flavor of the meat mixes perfectly with the broth to steady the grumbling stomach of the ravenous diner.

Bas-oy. In all its meaty goodness. 
Chorizo Pan. I think they used special Chorizo here. Nothing beats the Chorizo from home. 
Sirloin Sandwich. Worthy of a Sah'

It just occurred to me that this might be one of my last trips home before I enter the... *dun dun dun* professional life.

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