Monday, March 26, 2012

Kingdom of Sand

Random. Random yet enjoyable.

The simple pleasures of not having school.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Brother Eagle

‎"Earth teach me freedom, as the eagle that soars in the sky."

So close.

Something to keep my spirit company as it prepares to soar. One last sprint and I shall fly free.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The City That Is My Church

"The city is my church, It wraps me in the sparkling twilight." -M83, Midnight City

This is my way of de-stressing. Final Finals Week. Let's go!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

IMC Men's Retreat

Most of you know me as a person who shrinks away from the mere mention of a ‘retreat’. Well, this is one instance where I’d charge at the word ‘retreat’. What took place on February 27 to 29 was probably the best and most exciting retreat that I have ever been to.

The School of Communication held its very first official school retreat for the IMC senior students. What’s great about this retreat is that it was left entirely in the student’s hands. Meaning that a few of the more responsible ones (namely Jolo, Jake, Paulus and Iggy) organized this retreat themselves.

The result was an extremely memorable retreat/team-building/seminar/vacation that was a welcome distraction from the pressures of our “final” finals month in the university. The retreat was a much needed break from normal school work where we could reassess ourselves in order to be ready for what is to come after graduation.

The event was held in Iggy’s amazing rest house in Cavite (Bro, you never told me you lived in paradise!). Think mansion in the middle of a forest with a deep pool that draws its water from a mountain spring. Yes, that kind of paradise. The house was the perfect getaway for 18 rowdy men. There was a lot of space, a lot of comfort and a lot of food that greeted us when we arrived at the place. You know it’s gonna be a good retreat when unlimited fresh buko juice (which was the sweetest I have tasted yet) greeted us as we arrived.

Living there alone (without any supervision [hehe]) meant that we had to prepare our own food. Make our own food? No problem. Will it taste good? Entirely different problem. Every meal time was a ‘gastronomical adventure’ for a lack of a better term. Different people cooked different meals which were all devoured regardless of the taste by the hungry mouths and empty stomachs that awaited them. Probably one of the more memorable meals was the one Marc cooked us. He made us his ‘famous’ pasta “El Buli” style which I’m sure all of us enjoyed. Right guys?

But the best thing about the whole thing was the fact that the IMC men strengthened the already tight bonds of brotherhood they had. The team building activities and conversations that we shared during those days made us each discover a little more about the man next to us and a little more about ourselves too.

I can’t stress how great it is coming out of an event like this knowing that you had a fantastic amount of fun mixed with an ample serving of personal insights that were solidified by a new found bond of brotherhood.

One family, One brotherhood, One IMC.

Before getting on the road to Cavite.

We have arrived!
Awesome rest house. 

Team Building games. 

Group Discussions afterwards. 

Grilling burgers for dinner.

Grilling fish for lunch. 

Notice the smiling face?

The guys with Dr. Tongco. 

Unlimited buko with ice cream in it!

We know you're hungry Rods. 

154 steps going down to the mountain pool!

Crystal clear and cold mountain water. 

They even have a kiddie pool!

Watching some movies. 

Le final act. The bonfire.