Sunday, February 5, 2012

UA&P Men's Basketball Game

Today the UA&P Men's Basketball team went up against defending champion Central Escolar University (CEU) for a shot at the MNCAA title in the semi-final round.

It was a hard game since there was a lot of physical contact on both sides of the fence. Although CEU played a little bit rougher than wanted, UA&P stuck to a gentleman's game and played with both honor and respect.

UA&P fought for every inch of the court during the game. Never once did they falter or lose hope. We could probably attribute this to the exceptional cheering done by the UA&P crowd that came to watch the game.

But sadly, the game went to CEU after a hard battle. Although we lost, there was no shame in having fought the good fight.

UA&P - 56
CEU - 83

We'll get them next time

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