Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunrise Buckets

Me and the bros wanted to gorge ourselves on some wings and things after shooting videos for a documentary. We chose the right place to do it.

Sunrise Buckets is tiny yet hard to miss surf themed restaurant along Greenhills that specializes in chicken wings. In other words it's a Buffalo Wing addict's nirvana. In my opinion, they have some of the best wings this side of the metro.

I ordered the Sunrise Buckets Original Flavored Wings (1/2 pound) and I was literally served a 'bucket' of 5 delicious, tangy and mildly spicy chicken wings that were fried to perfection. The sauce that they used was very distinct and powerful enough to really bring out the flavor of the chicken wings.

They encourage diners to use plastic gloves when eating their wings. Very good idea since people get more out of the chicken this way. 

Aside from the mouth watering wings that they had, what I liked most about Sunrise Buckets was the awesome design of their restaurant. They chose a 'Hawaiian surfing theme; and they way that they decorated their store would make any true blooded Hawaiian proud.

The design of the store told me that whoever owned this rad little surf food shop must love it as much as he loves surfing. The owner obviously paid a lot of attention to detail and personalized his restaurant as much as possible. I really felt like my feet were in the sand and I could hear the surf crashing on the shore. Then and there, I wished I was on the beach with a bucket of wings.

The bros and I had an awesome and gut-busting time. We'll surely be back so they can put a little sunshine under our wings!

Random. I've never seen a ketchup bottle this small. 

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