Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Design #2

I've been having a strange fascination with triangles and shapes recently.

So as I was working on a report about Fort Santiago and Rizal awhile ago, I came up with this. I know they used to call Filipinos "Indio" before and it was very degrading to be called that. That's why I specifically put quotation marks ("") over the Indio to signify that this is what the Spanish "used to call us" (wrongly). I also put a inverted triangle over Rizal because I wanted it to speak about destabilization. As we all know, a proper triangle is one of the most stable structures known to man, but if we invert it, it teeters on the edge of falling. Kind of like what Rizal did to de-stabilize the Spanish government in his time.


Ish Abat said...

Cool how you have your "logo" at the bottom right! Maybe I should make one.. haha

Andreo B. said...

Go for it! You'll get a kick outta making one haha