Friday, February 24, 2012

The Giving Tree in Full Bloom

Remember that Tree we were talking about earlier? You know, the one that grows out of generosity? Yes, The Giving Tree. That's it. Now you remember. If you still don't remember, here's a link that might help. The Giving Tree

Well, The Giving Tree has finally bore it's fruits of generosity; and these fruits have never tasted any sweeter.

This Thursday, Project One (IMC Batch 2012) along with Communitas (The official student organization of UA&P's School of Communication) officially launched The Giving Tree in Full Bloom, a culminating event for the month long campaign which aimed to raise 90,000 pesos in order to send one deserving child to high school for three years.

This event would ceremonially turn over all the funds raised to the beneficiary, Jayson Alvarez. We were lucky enough to have Jayson come all the way from the Dagatan Family Farm School in Lipa, Batangas to attend the event.

So on a bright and sunny afternoon, the event was launched during the school's lunch break (12:30 PM) in the College of Arts and Sciences Garden with much cheer.

The Giving Tree after 3 weeks.
Our awesome hosts Jade Sison and Louie de Leon.
The event was attended by the majority of the IMC family (first year to fourth year students and faculty) as well as many supporters of the program and a few onlookers who were simply curious. The program was immediately kicked into high gear by our energetic hosts and a mood of festivity and celebration resonated through the crowd.

Supporters of the campaign wore The Giving Tree's leaves over their hearts in a nod to the campaign's advocacy of propagating charity in the hearts of those who supported our cause. With this charitable heart of course came an abundance of smiles on the faces of those who came. 

One of the main highlights of the event would probably have been the presence of Jayson (Our Beneficiary). With him being there, everyone had a lot more reason to smile knowing that all our hard work would send this deserving kid through his entire high school education.

Although he didn't say much (we like to think that he was speechless because of his happiness), we could clearly see the joy and gratitude reflected in his eyes as he watched the event unfold.

(L-R) Jayson Alvarez, our beneficiary, sits with Dr. Chito Tongco, Project One's Moderator and Professor at the School of Communication. 
There were of course ceremonial messages about the campaign from Project One's CEO, Jolo Valdez as well as from members of the Senior Management Committee.

The President of UA&P, Dr. Jose Maria Mariano also graced the event with his presence and talked about how happy he was with the results of the project. He also wished that this project wouldn't die out because of the graduation of the IMC Batch 2012. So it looks like IMC Batch 2013 will be taking up this campaign next year too.

Jolo Valdez, CEO of Project One. 
Dr. Jose Maria Mariano, UA&P's President delivers a message to the audience. 
There was also a video about The Giving Tree and what it had accomplished so far that was made by Jake Morales and yours truly. It was made to look like one of those videos that an advertising agency makes when they want to tout the results of their creative execution. 

(I like the sound of the voice over :> hahaha) 

Aside from the usual addresses by important people, there were also performances by some school orgs that helped make the event even more special for all those who attended. UA&P's Chorale sang some great renditions of modern songs and some members of Squadra, UA&P's official dance varsity, had a special number lined up for the event. 

Some of the members of the UA&P Chorale.

A few members of Squadra doing what they do best. 
Finally, the most important moment of the event took place with the handing over of the cheque for 90,000 pesos to Jayson. Words cannot describe how every member of Project One felt at that moment, but I'm sure that everyone felt extremely happy knowing that they were a part of the force that made the dreams of one kid a reality. 

So what did this project teach me?

This project taught me that there is a profound sense of fulfillment that comes with working for a cause that means more than just selling products for pure profit. It taught me that the marketing skills we learn in school are truly more powerful when backed by a strong desire to help others.

So in the future, I hope you'll all make it a point to Let Others Reap What You Have Sown.

The Senior Management Committee of Project One with Jayson. 


bugsy2 said...

Am so happy not only for your scholar but also for your group, Andreo. There's nothing like being able to make a difference in the lives of other people. Congratulations to all of you!

Andreo B. said...

Thank you tita! Yup, it's extremely fulfilling knowing that you did what you did for a good cause

Anonymous said...

A truly inspiring project you and your IMC group set as a legacy to UA&P. It will surely pave the way for many more projects of generosity in the university. Congratulations to all of you!

Andreo B. said...

Thank you very much! We hope that it will become a tradition for IMC students too.