Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today I Learned: How to Bake

We have this project in Accounting and Finance where we're supposed to come up with a business that has inventory and actually sells and makes profit. The items sold don't have to be that big. The point of the exercise is for us to actually use the skills that Accounting has taught us in terms of Journal Entries, Ledgers and the like.

For our project, we decided to bake. Our friend Teen is an expert Jedi Baker. She agreed to teach us young Padawans who have no experience what so ever how to bake. So this is us on a Monday night at her place trying to make some Crinkles to sell on Tuesday.

I have to admit, it was fun mixing the batter. 

For me and Ish, it was our first time to bake. 

Le Jedi Bake Master

The finished product.

Our Chief Finance Officer determining the CPC (Cost Per Cookie)

Packaging the product. 

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Bugsy said...

Hmm! Nice documentation (I like the DOF on your friends' photos... still using the 50mm?) If I were there, I'd buy all of those for my students - we have a "Cookie Monster Day" once a week. Eo, remember: costing is very important. Good luck!