Friday, January 6, 2012

Post It. The Manila Post Office

So me and my friend Jake entered this contest. The contest is called the UNIV video open or something like that and it's sponsored by an international organization based in Rome. We specifically joined the video contest where we were tasked with coming up with a video that talked about the concept of "Beauty".

Along with some other friends, we decided to focus on our city, Manila. We wanted to show both the beautiful and ugly side of Manila in order to send the message that even though many people know of Manila as a dirty and ugly city, there are still hidden gems of beauty located around the metropolis. All one has to do is open his eyes in order to see the beauty in the things around him. Hopefully once these people see the inherent beauty in their city, they would be moved to take better care of their surroundings and also be proud to hail from such a fine city as this.

I may not have the entire idea patted down. What I have written is basically how I understand it. But the idea is still in the works, so I'll get back to you guys on that.

Jake and I decided that we had to shoot as soon as the sun came up. So we met up at Ortigas Center at 5 30 AM then took the MRT and LRT to Central Station in Manila. We didn't want to bring a car since we knew we would have better mobility on foot and a car would also serve as an extra head ache in terms of safety and parking.

As luck had it, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was rising perfectly. This of course resulted in the sun's rays illuminating the facade of the Manila Post Office. I was taken by surprise that our post office could be so beautiful.

After this, we headed to more locations around the area namely Intramuros and within it Fort Santiago. (Which will be covered in the next blog posts )

I couldn't take that much photos since Jake and I focused mainly on video. But what you see above you are the few shots that I particulary like.

I'll up date you guys about how the contest is coming along in succeeding posts.


bugsy2 said...

Photos 1 and 4 are good but we see them often in postcards (postcard-perfect!) BUT photos 2 and 3 are wooow! I've never seen that part of the post office before. When I was a kid, I would always ask Felix to drive past the Jones post office (that's how we called it then as it's near Jones Bridge) because I've always liked the building. Sadly, up to this time, I've never photographed it. So the next time I am there, it'll be the first one on my list. :)

historypak said...

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