Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mercanti Side Trip

After finishing up some school work on posters on a Saturday afternoon (see previous post) my friends and I had to rush to the printing shop in Metrowalk, Ortigas before they closed at 7 P.M. We made it just in time and decided to wait 'til the printing was done before heading home.

Being the ravenously hungry students that we were, we made a little side trip to the nearby Il Mercanti Food Bazaar. For those of you that remember Banchetto and how it used to fill up Emerald Street in Ortigas Center with food stalls on those glorious nights, you'll be a little disappointed with Mercanti since it is roughly half the size of Banchetto with half the choices of food available.

But a food bazaar is a food bazaar and not one of us was complaining as we proceeded to stuff ourselves full of food.

Il Mercanti is located at Metrowalk Complex in Ortigas Center., Pasig. 

There still was a wide variety of food available at Mercanti but what I noticed was that there were less "specialty food stalls", or the one of a kind stalls like the KrispyCreme Burger stall at Mercato, and more "generic food stalls" which were actually spread out across the bazaar but offered the same kind of food and had the same owners.

Still, the food was great! I had some of the Shawarma (Khaleb Shawarma) and some of the Longsilog from Metro Silog. My friends had the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches from PhillyMignon Cheesesteaks. 

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich from PhillyMignon

Wasn't able to take that many pictures. Guess that means I'm going back for another face-stuffing session!


bugsy2 said...

Considering how much we love to eat here in Negros, I am surprised we don't have regular food markets and bazaars here. Nakakainggit kayo!

Anonymous said...

hey guys!

Thank you so much for appreciating our de niro philly cheesesteak sandwich! We have added new mouth-watering and flavorful product line up such as our famous USDAMinute Steaks, cheesesteak tacos & taquitos. Come and visit us again at il mercanti. Godspeed!