Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Last Baking Day

Today was the last time that we baked crinkles for our accounting project. Having successfully completed two batches of cookies, this third batch was our largest, tastiest and last hurdle before we close the books. We baked around 250 cookies tonight. Since it was our largest, we needed a base of operations big enough to contain all the cookie dough. Luckily, Casa Banson had a humongous kitchen just waiting for someone to use it.

Just because we know how to bake, I will now attempt to walk you through the baking process. Refer to the photo captions below for full details.

The ingredients!

Mix the oil with the eggs.

Mix the cookie dough thing in.

After mixing, scoop out the dollops with a lotta love *cough cough*

Mix the dollops with le sugar. 

Bake the things. 

Wait for it.. Wait for it..

Let it cool then get 'em off the tray. 

Remember not to feed the dog!

Lastly, smile for the camera!


bugsy2 said...

Interesting! So how did it go? Sold out?

Andreo B. said...

Almost sold out tita! Inventory is left with just a few more packs :))

Ish Abat said...

Hahahaha look how Axel looks at you in the group shot. hmmmm :)) Kidding. Awesome baking experience! :)