Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day of Design

Random fact about me: I like designing things. Whether it be logos, print ads or Tumblr-like pictures, my hand always jumps at the chance to create some image that has a personal appeal to me.

My friends and I were asked to come up with a logo for Project One. What is Project One? In a nutshell, it is a group effort of one batch to complete one mission, which is to raise enough money to send one kid through highschool.

The IMC Batch of 2012 will have to raise 90,000 pesos in one month to send a child from the Dagatan Family Farm School in Batangas to highschool for 3 years. It's the biggest group effort we've had so far since it literally requires the involvement of every single person within our course.

So this is the logo that Brice, Sham and I came up with one Saturday afternoon. We're all pretty happy about the logo we created together. I'm really thankful that we share the same views on design. It was a blast working with them.

This other logo on the bottom is another image that has a more personal appeal to me. I'd like to use it as my own watermark for some of my photos for now. Guess what the A and the B stand for?

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bugsy2 said...

AB = Attorney B. That's how my students call me.