Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mercanti Side Trip

After finishing up some school work on posters on a Saturday afternoon (see previous post) my friends and I had to rush to the printing shop in Metrowalk, Ortigas before they closed at 7 P.M. We made it just in time and decided to wait 'til the printing was done before heading home.

Being the ravenously hungry students that we were, we made a little side trip to the nearby Il Mercanti Food Bazaar. For those of you that remember Banchetto and how it used to fill up Emerald Street in Ortigas Center with food stalls on those glorious nights, you'll be a little disappointed with Mercanti since it is roughly half the size of Banchetto with half the choices of food available.

But a food bazaar is a food bazaar and not one of us was complaining as we proceeded to stuff ourselves full of food.

Il Mercanti is located at Metrowalk Complex in Ortigas Center., Pasig. 

There still was a wide variety of food available at Mercanti but what I noticed was that there were less "specialty food stalls", or the one of a kind stalls like the KrispyCreme Burger stall at Mercato, and more "generic food stalls" which were actually spread out across the bazaar but offered the same kind of food and had the same owners.

Still, the food was great! I had some of the Shawarma (Khaleb Shawarma) and some of the Longsilog from Metro Silog. My friends had the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches from PhillyMignon Cheesesteaks. 

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich from PhillyMignon

Wasn't able to take that many pictures. Guess that means I'm going back for another face-stuffing session!

Day of Design

Random fact about me: I like designing things. Whether it be logos, print ads or Tumblr-like pictures, my hand always jumps at the chance to create some image that has a personal appeal to me.

My friends and I were asked to come up with a logo for Project One. What is Project One? In a nutshell, it is a group effort of one batch to complete one mission, which is to raise enough money to send one kid through highschool.

The IMC Batch of 2012 will have to raise 90,000 pesos in one month to send a child from the Dagatan Family Farm School in Batangas to highschool for 3 years. It's the biggest group effort we've had so far since it literally requires the involvement of every single person within our course.

So this is the logo that Brice, Sham and I came up with one Saturday afternoon. We're all pretty happy about the logo we created together. I'm really thankful that we share the same views on design. It was a blast working with them.

This other logo on the bottom is another image that has a more personal appeal to me. I'd like to use it as my own watermark for some of my photos for now. Guess what the A and the B stand for?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Last Baking Day

Today was the last time that we baked crinkles for our accounting project. Having successfully completed two batches of cookies, this third batch was our largest, tastiest and last hurdle before we close the books. We baked around 250 cookies tonight. Since it was our largest, we needed a base of operations big enough to contain all the cookie dough. Luckily, Casa Banson had a humongous kitchen just waiting for someone to use it.

Just because we know how to bake, I will now attempt to walk you through the baking process. Refer to the photo captions below for full details.

The ingredients!

Mix the oil with the eggs.

Mix the cookie dough thing in.

After mixing, scoop out the dollops with a lotta love *cough cough*

Mix the dollops with le sugar. 

Bake the things. 

Wait for it.. Wait for it..

Let it cool then get 'em off the tray. 

Remember not to feed the dog!

Lastly, smile for the camera!

UA&P Chinese New Year Celebration

FU, or the official Chinese-Filipino student organization in UA&P, decided to throw a little celebration in the campus today to mark the Chinese New Year. They had their very own dragon dance done by student volunteers of one of the Mandarin Language classes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

My aunt came over from the province and having some Chinese blood in us (albeit very little) we decided to attend the celebration in Binondo, Manila. Although my aunt was quite familiar with the area, it was our first time to actually spend the Chinese New Year in the Parian. It was quite an experience.

The streets were packed and teeming with life. The dominating colors for the day were red and yellow and there were many a dragon or lion dancing around in the streets seeking generous hands with Ang Pao's in them.

Our starting point was the Binondo Church and Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz. From there on, we navigated our way through the narrow and busy streets of Binondo looking for interesting photo opportunities. 

The main street that we explored was Ongpin Street. We had a fair amount of exposure to the smell of fried rice, noodles and Tikoy, and we a large collection of fortune plants, Buddha statues and golden ornaments that sparkled in the sunlight. 

Our trip wouldn't have been complete without experiencing a taste of authentic Chinese cooking. So we dropped in on the President Grand Palace Restaurant on Ongpin Street for a bite. The food was 100% authentic and I can honestly say that this is by far the best Chinese restaurant that I have eaten at in Manila. Try their Shrimp Balls and Yang Chow fried Rice. You will not be disappointed. 

It was quite an adventure. I'll be back in Binondo next year for more photos and more "fried lice!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today I Learned: How to Bake

We have this project in Accounting and Finance where we're supposed to come up with a business that has inventory and actually sells and makes profit. The items sold don't have to be that big. The point of the exercise is for us to actually use the skills that Accounting has taught us in terms of Journal Entries, Ledgers and the like.

For our project, we decided to bake. Our friend Teen is an expert Jedi Baker. She agreed to teach us young Padawans who have no experience what so ever how to bake. So this is us on a Monday night at her place trying to make some Crinkles to sell on Tuesday.

I have to admit, it was fun mixing the batter. 

For me and Ish, it was our first time to bake. 

Le Jedi Bake Master

The finished product.

Our Chief Finance Officer determining the CPC (Cost Per Cookie)

Packaging the product. 

Team Unitas

Team Unitas

A few months back, me and some friends entered a digital marketing contest called Boomerang. We were asked to come up with marketing strategy for Globe Telecommunication's SuperFree Weekend Promotion. Luckily, we won.

You can read more about the news here:

Our group was asked to submit a group photo to our school's magazine (Universitas) and I happily agreed to take the picture. (Obviously I used a tripod.) This was shot in the Communications Office with available light. Some editing was done to remove the wall opening to the far right of the photo.