Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shooting by the Beach

My friend is a fashion designer. No, seriously. She's a 4th year student in UST and this is her thesis project. Her name's Mia Jeanjaquet (There, I properly credited you :)) and this is her line of swimsuits/casual wear(?)  called Bod Suits.

What's great about Bod Suits is the fact that you can wear them both on the beach and off the beach. It's a multipurpose piece of clothing that can be instantly transformed from a hot and sexy swim suit into an elegant and stylish ensemble.

It's prefect for people who frequently go to the beach or swim because they don't have to go through the time consuming process of choosing an entirely different outfit for when they are in the water and when they are out of it.

When I heard Mia talking about an upcoming photo shoot at the beach, I knew that it was a great opportunity for me to practice my photography as well as help Mia out by having a second photographer on board for the trip.

We left for a well known island called Lakawon. We first had to travel to Cadiz city which is about a 2 hour drive away from Bacolod and then we had to take a 30 minute bangka ride to get to the sand bar-ish island.

I wish we could have shot the whole thing either during sunrise or sunset towards the "golden hours" of the day but sadly, time constraints led us to shoot at 12 noon to 4 PM. The harsh overhead light coupled with the burning sand and stifling heat truly hampered our photography. But we tried to make due with what we had.

It was no joke shooting for 4 grueling hours under the sun. But it was a great experience! Now I know what it's actually like to do a beach photo shoot. Luckily, Mia's quite experienced with these things and she talked to me about the ins and outs of a shoot like this.

I need to practice more with shoots like these and you guys can be sure that I'll jump at the chance to cover another project like this any time soon.

Product: Bod Suits
Owner: Mia Jeanjaquet
Models:  Anna Chua
              Tia Lacson
Make Up Artist: (Forgot the name) haha

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