Monday, December 19, 2011

Punta Taytay

Most of you know that I absolutely detest waking up early. But not for this.

My tita invited me to shoot the sunrise at a little known beach here in Negros Occidental. After a groggy awakening at 5 AM we headed to the place which was a 30 minute drive away.
It was a very peaceful and quiet drive with the December air cheerfully chilling us as we went along. 

We got to a place beside a fishing village (which was deserted) and immediately began to shoot. It was very humbling seeing the fishermen bring in their catches. We noticed that fishing isn't solely a fisherman's job but rather, it's a community effort. Everytime a boat would come in, an entire household would go out to help them unload the sea's bounty.

The people were very friendly. They didn't mind us at all as we happily snapped away at their boats.

We shot for about 3 hours. Sadly, the sun wasn't that cooperative, but it provided us with enough light to come up with our shots.

It was a good photo trip all in all. We're planning to go back for the sunset next time.

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