Monday, December 5, 2011

Ned needs to get his eyes checked.

So I accidentally dropped Ned the other day.

I tucked him away nice and cozy in his little black Case Logic bag as I always do and I placed him near the edge of my bed. (The reason why I placed him there escapes me as of the moment.)

Then I suddenly got the bright idea to happily plop on my bed from a running start. Not such a good idea after all.

Here's what happened: I jump on bed, foam absorbs force, foam ejects case into the air, case falls to the ground.

Don't worry, the body's fine but the lens on the other hand... *whistles*

At first I thought, 'Oh this Case Logic case is pretty padded up, I don't think anything happened to Ned in there.'

Then, I pick up the case, and I'm greeted by the sound of tinkling glass rattling against metal. Not. Good.

It's never a good feeling when your heart drops into your stomach. It's never a good feeling when you drop you almost brand new baby. I feel like a horrible parent.

Anyway, I had a feeling that the camera in the case hit the ground lens first. Since I previously purchased a Nisi UV Filter for my 50mm lens, it shattered upon impact and the glass shards scattered inside the lens.

So first thing I did was to bring it to the nearest Nikon Service Center (Nikon - SM Megamall - Building B, 5th Floor) Thankfully, nothing was wrong with the body but the lens had a bit of a problem with the manual focus ring. I suspect that some fine glass filaments may have lodged themselves inside the lens itself.

The service personnel were professional and accommodating. They said that I had to leave the lens itself at the service center for around 7 days and await a diagnostic.

Hopefully, the repair costs wont be too high. After this incident I did a lot of research regarding the durability of Nikon products and the results were very pleasing. I am now reassured that my D7000 is more or less built like a tank just like most of the Nikon products out there.

Still, this does not give me an excuse to be lax about where I place my equipment and how I take care of them. This little lesson serves as a wake up call for me in watching over Ned's safety more intensely.

To end, I'd like to share a video about the durability of some Nikon and Cannon products. It's hilarious. Hope you enjoy it.

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