Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Brother's Hobbies

Now that I'm home, I get to spend more time with my "little-est" brother, Julio. He's the only one of us kids left at home in Bacolod while his two elder brothers are off to Manila to get drunk... errr.. I mean go to college.

Since he's mostly home alone, he likes keeping himself busy with some hobbies. Here's what keeps him busy:

First of all, he plays the violin. I'm not quite sure if he really enjoys this since it was my parent's idea but from what I see, he doesn't see learning the violin as a burden but rather as a challenge. He dutifully practices when he has time.

He loves to paint. I'd like to think that he got this little hobby from me. Many of you don't know that I also enjoy painting. But, while other people enjoy painting on canvas and such, me and my little brother enjoy painting miniatures. Warhammer Miniatures to be exact.

Warhammer miniatures are intended for table top gaming. Which means that each specific miniature has specific attributes and abilities that they can use to 'battle' other miniatures. In this game, a player is required to assemble and army of miniatures, paint them, formulate a strategy and face off against another player in the field of battle.

Julio's factory.

Space Marine miniatures.
My little brother is currently working on a Space Marine army. There are lots of different 'races' in the Warhammer universe but he specifically chose these marines to do his dirty work.

It usually takes him around 3 hours to finish one small figurine and 5 to 8 hours to finish a bigger one like a tank. His current army consists of around 40 infantry, 2 Armored Personnel Carriers, 1 Heavy Support Walker, 2 Fast Attack Squads and 1 Heavy Armor Vehicle. (Don't ask. It's a strategy thing haha)

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