Friday, December 2, 2011

Johnny Dip!

So my friend has this class project where she's required to set up a business and make a profit from it within one semester. The higher the profit, the higher the grade that the professor gives.

Enter, Johnny Dip. Johnny here is a little stall in the Ateneo Highschool cafeteria that sells chicken and chips with specialized dips. The thing that differentiates them from other stalls around the cafeteria is the fact that they have crazy and unique dips from time to time. (One time they had vanilla dip. I hear it was a hit.) 

Another reason why they're special is that they're the only stall in the caf that is manned by Ateneo college students. GIRLS in particular. So you can imagine why they cause quite a buzz every recess.

They wanted to put up a Facebook fan page in order to interact more with their market of highschool boys. In order to do this, they needed pictures. That's where I come in. 

Here's our little informal shoot at Johnny Dip. I had fun shooting the chicken and chips and seeing how hectic recess and lunch time can be for those manning the stall. (Think 'Jaws" feedings frenzy)

One thing I learned from today, running a stall is no cake walk. Props to all the ate and kuya caf people out there!

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