Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's that Wonderful Time of the Year.

Today, I felt like Santa. Sans the potbelly, extreme facial hair and army of elves of course. Today was Christmas shopping day and I am happy to say that I'm done! Each of my special friends and family members now have a gift that they can open under the Christmas tree.

These shots were taken at Rockwell, Powerplant. Rockwell was the last stop in my mall hopping quest all over the metro. The decorations here are superb. I bet they cost a lot to keep lit too. No wonder they call themselves 'the Powerplant'.

I remembered an old technique that people used to do with zoom lenses. I took this picture below by selecting a slow shutter speed then subsequently zooming after pressing the shutter button. Turned out O.K.

This, by far, is my favorite purchase of the day. I saw this Star Wars painted magnetic board for php 500 and I just HAD to get it. I'm a huge Star Wars geek (or simply geek) in particular. Han Solo is one of my favorite rouges in literature and his famous line 'Never Tell Me the Odds' rings true for what I believe in.

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