Friday, December 9, 2011

Duke that Ducati!

So I decided to go on a little adventure one rainy afternoon. Aside from being really wet, the streets of Manila were infested (as usual) with traffic, but that didn't stop me from hunting for the elusive Ducati.

I had two reasons for searching for mean Italian machinery that afternoon. The first was for my dad. You see, he's a passionate biker and motorcycle memorabilia collector. I wanted to get him a collectible from one of his favorite brands which was of course Ducati. 

The second reason was that we recently had a case study on Ducati for one of our subjects in school. I can't help but say that that case study really really got me interested in a Ducati and what it means to own one.

So this is me, heading all the way to Access Plus Manila (pictured below) along P. Tuazon street in neighboring San Juan to catch a glimpse of these elusive machines as well as get my dad his Christmas gift.

They had a sick showroom that would have made any motorhead's mouth water. As luck would have it, they were getting ready for an event the next day and they allowed me to take a few photos of their showroom. They even invited me to their event tomorrow in Eastwood. What nice people. 

By far, the most interesting thing in the whole room was the Ducati Diavel. Sound's like a Devil doesn't it? That's because it is one. 

The Ducati Daviel is the only contemporary cruiser that Ducati has produced. What's so stunning about it is that it is a Cruiser. Ducati has more or less been known mostly for their Naked or Sport type bikes but never for their Cruisers. Cruisers have (and always will be) Harley Davidson's territory. The Daviel is Ducati's bold entrance into the Cruiser type market.

It was unveiled in 2010 and was met with widespread criticism and jeering from loyal Ducati 'knee-down' riders. But recently, it has grown to be loved, accepted, and taken into the fold of Ducati masterpieces. The sales attendant at the store even told me that the Daviel pictured here is the last 'un-owned' Daviel in the Philippines. Apparently, this little devil is hotter than pancakes (pun intended). He's sold out!

Be what it may, the Daviel has one fine metal body. 

If Santa asked me 'What do you want for Christmas young man?'

I'd answer him, "Dude, get me a Ducati!"

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