Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Party for the Auxiliary

On December 15, 2011, the 4th Year Students of UA&P threw a Christmas Party for the Auxiliary Staff of the university. This was the first time that a batch ever threw a party in honor of the diligent and hardworking kuya guards, ate photocopiers and kuya maintenance people of our fine institution.

My good friend Jake was tasked with documenting the event and he likewise asked me if I wanted to help. I jumped at the chance and now this collection of happy faces is what greets you.

The Auxiliary Staff

Party games.

It was very touching to see all of their faces aglow with happiness as they were guided through the entire program that was prepared for them by the student organizers. For a change, the auxiliary staff were the ones who sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the show while the students were the ones who did all things necessary to keep the event running smoothly.

Dance number from Squadra.

Goody bags!

Pass the message game. 

Song performances

After a series of party games, dance numbers, and song performances from the students, the auxiliary staff were then treated to a mini fiesta where they were served by the students themselves. After this, a raffle was held where a majority of the staff came away with useful appliances that were perfect for the Christmas season.

Towards the end of the program, you could see the sparkle in the staff's eyes that spoke of a feeling of true gratitude. On the student's part, I think that I speak on their behalf when I say that it was the least we could do for the auxiliary staff for 4 years of stellar service. 

For me, it's good to know that we 4th year students were able to prepare a little 'thank you' for the auxiliary staff before we to leave this university.

Just some of the 4th year students who helped out. (Incomplete)

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