Saturday, November 26, 2011

Whiplash, an Accident at the Parking Lot

So there was this 'little' accident that happened on Friday night (Nov. 26). It happened in the Parking Lot of our school at around 9 PM. Apparently the Altera in the photo above had a bike rack which accidentally snagged a parking post with a rope attached to it. It subsequently dragged the post all for around 30 feet until realizing what it was actually doing.

The result? 4 cars were damaged by the whiplash.

The Altera and the Parking Post that it snagged. The rope's still connected. 

Thankfully, I had my camera on hand and I decided to take pictures in order to help anyone who wanted to have the damages fixed by their insurance companies. To my knowledge, the insurance works faster if there are photos of the actual damage caused as soon as it takes place. The scene of the claim must also be untouched and as authentic as possible.

So how did all of this start?

The Altera was parked in Front of the Red Honda City and the White Isuzu Crosswind. It didn't realize that it was dragging the post with it. It hit the City first then...
2 parking posts got caught on the bumper.

After hitting the two cars, the rope and some posts hit another car which was a...
Hit a Mazda 3 and clipped its sideview mirror and chipped its side.

The final victim was a Black Toyota Hilux
Parking post slammed into his rear passenger door. 
Sad thing was the person driving the Altera was a chick. I think a first year student and she only had a driver's permit. She's in a lotta trouble but I hope everything turns out fine. I e-mailed her all the pictures and I hope she can put them to good use.

The concrete post got dragged under the Altera.

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