Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready, AIMS, Fire!

So I decided to join this marketing competition called the Ateneo Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar or the AIMS as people like to call it. Its a marketing seminar and competition done by the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA) every year to search for the top 50 marketing students of prestigious schools around the metro (ADMU, DLSU, UP, UST, UA&P). This year, the advertising agency called Dentsu Indio were the principal sponsors of the competition. 

The screening process was pretty selective. Had to submit a resume and application form then be interviewed. Thankfully, I was accepted! So far this is the 3rd marketing contest that I've joined this year and I have no plans of slowing down.

The whole event transpires over a period of 3 days (2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday). Basically, there is 1 seminar day, followed by a semi-final round of presentations the next week and then followed by the final round of presentations which happens the day after the semi's.

The companies which we have to create a marketing campaign for are Belle Corporation, the owners of the prestigious Tagaytay Highlands residential area and Dentsu Indio, a prominent international advertising agency.

Our group was specifically tasked to create a new and more aggressive marketing strategy for Nob Hills which is a prime residential sector in the Tagaytay Grasslands.

I really want to do good in this competition because some HR heads from big companies are going to be judging the event plus there's a P 25,000.00 cash prize to boot!

Anyway, today went pretty well. I was able to nab the Best Presenter mini-award during an activity. The prize was this...

L'Oreal men's facial wash hahahaha. Apparently, L'Oreal is one major client of Dentsu Indio. Oh well, guess I'll be having a clean face for the next six months.

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Way to go, Andreo!