Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of Celebrations and Reunions

Aysee's Sisig in Pasig City.
Yet another somewhat "chill" day for us in school. We don't have days like this that often so w decided to make the most use out of it. Add it to the fact that the day after was a holiday and you've got yourself a party.
Started the holiday right with the guys. Paid a visit to Aysee's. Best damn Sisig in all of Manila. Aysee's is a little hole in the wall restaurant in Pasig City along St. Martin's Street (near St. Paul's College). It's been around for quite sometime and it's a well known "secret" around the area. You can check out more about them here: Aysee's Facebook Page

Although they have a lot of other Filipino dishes, their Sisig takes the cake. And, at only 110 pesos (add 10 for some rice) it's a belly busting deal! (It's usually good enough for two at that price). What sets their Sisig apart from competitors is the fact that it is so full of flavor and extremely crunchy. They use quite a reasonable amount of margarine on the sisig without spoiling the flavor and they throw in a generous amount of crackling chicharon too.

We stuffed ourselves til we had to unbuckle our belts and continued to spend the afternoon shooting the breeze and relaxing.

Dirk looks like a Blues Brother

Then came the AIMS team celebration. The agenda was to grab some dinner and toast our "victory". Not most of the team could make it, but we still had a blast with all who came.
We hit Citizen Pub and Burger Bar for some dinner first. It's a new joint located in Citi Golf, Ortigas Center (near Ortigas Home Depot). It's a nice new building that reminds me of a New York City apartment with its brick and mortar architecture. You can find out more about them here: Citizen Pub and Burger Bar's Facebook Account

They're famous for their "Crazy Burger" which is a humongous burger made up of a deep fried meat patty and some Kani Salad dressing. To be honest, I really didn't like how it sounded when I first saw it on the menu. But my friends highly recommended it so I decided to try it. I was not disappointed.

The Kani Salad Dressing blends perfectly with the crunchy deep fried meat patty. It gives it a zesty tang that can only be found in the mayo used for the dressing. It really is a crazy, unique meal that is a must try for all those burger lovers out there. At it's price of 180 pesos, it is worth every centavo.

After eating dinner, we headed to The Reserve also in Citi Golf for some drinks.

Finally, one of my really good childhood friends decided to come home from abroad. Haven't seen him in over a year, so we definitely decided to make up for lost time with some shots.

Good to see you back in the Philippines bro! 
We hit Cable Car first but since it was full of drunk foreigners who were all trying to act like they knew how to play Beer Pong, we decided to find a new venue where we could celebrate his return home.

Why so serious?

This led us to Rue Bourbon (in the Burgos Circle, The Fort) to load our friend up on that infamous Gun Powder Shot which Rue is so popular for.

Gun Powder Shot

So to my understanding, this Gun Powder Shot is a concoction of some "mystery liquor" that is systematically set on fire and then sprinkled with cinnamon (which is highly flammable) to produce the effect seen above. While the whole thing is burning, a glass is then used to contain the flame and catch the fumes which the person must then drink through a straw after drinking the liquor.

It's quite a parlor trick but the shot itself is pretty strong too. This is Rue's signature drink.

The rest of the night was spent making new friends and toasting to good memories. The service at Rue was great. The bartenders were extremely friendly and even the manager (Sir Rod) was a good sport because he gave us a lot of complimentary drinks! Rue can definitely expect us back soon.

It was a good night all together.

Here are some more shots of the night which I particularly liked:

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