Thursday, November 17, 2011

Milling Season, Soon

For awhile now I've been pondering on whether or not to create a blog. I've always wanted a specific place where I can just dump all my random ideas, thoughts and opinions on anything and everything under the sun.

One of the reasons behind this is the fact that I am a self confessed sentimentalist. 

One of the "sentimental" photos I took when I still used to live in a dorm. Ortigas Center, 2009.
I like, no, love living in the past. I always like keeping mementos of all sorts like old airplane tickets, vintage photographs, weathered school I.D.s or even small drink coasters you find in bars. 

The thing is, I like reminiscing. 
Shot I took during our "Pulan Buwan" play. 2010. 
I like thinking about what has been and what could have been.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about a specific moment in the past that you just wish you could go back to? Well, same here. Except I like to think about what I could have done differently and what could have happened if I did. 

It's like creating a little movie in your head where your the life's the script, you're the director and there's always a happy ending. I know it sounds cheesy, but hey, that's just me. 

So why did I make this blog? 

First of all, I want something which I can easily go back to.
Just as easy as hopping back into this car. Gab's car, Ortigas Center 2010. 
 Think of it like a handy and portable gateway into your personal paradise. Whenever I want to reminisce, all I have to do is simply open a web page to my blog and viola. I am instantly surrounded by good memories, smiling photographs and maybe even a hilarious video or two. 

Second of all, I want an easy way that I can share these memories with my friends. 

My dorm brothers on a spontaneous night trip to Pampanga. Tambuli Nights. 
I believe that you must keep the flame of a good memory eternally burning. Why do you have to wait until the next get-together or inuman until you can bring up the memories of past deeds and exploits? Wouldn't it be better to have a repository of all those unforgettable moments that could be accessed with the click of a button? I sure think it would. 

So there you have it. My top two reasons why I created this little "Refinery" of mine.
*In case you're wondering why it's a Refinery specifically, it's because I come from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (Ilonggo represent!) and sugar literally runs through our blood because of all the sugar cane refineries that dot the countryside. 
Yes, yes, I come from the mountains, we are cannibals and we inter-breed with animals. (Popular provinciano misconception)
Well, that's that. I hope I can keep this little refinery of mine running. As of now, Milling Season is still closed. But soon, (pretty soon), I have a feeling that the mills are officially going to open ;)

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