Friday, November 18, 2011

Milling Season, Open!

It's here! It's here! I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this! Not too many people know that ever since I was in highschool, I have always loved photography. I've always liked taking pictures, printing them out and creating scrapbooks. Heck, I even used to be the official student photographer of our highschool yearbook!
My camera collection circa 2008. My main camera was a Canon PowerShot.

The thing is that I stopped taking photos when I entered first year college because of some limitations with my equipment. Back then I used to lug around a Canon PowerShot. It was a pro-sumer kind of camera which meant that it was somewhere in between a consumer camera and a professional camera. It served me well but sadly, it just wasn't enough.

So I took a hiatus from photography during my first year and promised myself that one day I would get myself a real camera that could take real pictures. Now, that day has come! I can't believe that after 4 years, my dream has finally come true!

Original Packaging. They wrapped it up good! Taken with a mobile phone. 
I finally decided to get myself a DSLR because I really need it for school. We have this class called 'Copywriting and Art Direction' taught by the great Merlee Jayme-Cruz (DM9Syfu) herself and one of the requirements is that a student must know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, iMovie, Photography and Videography just to name a few.

I believe that this camera can greatly improve my performance in class since I'll be able to create my own images the way I want them to be. I won't have to spend countless hours searching for the right kind of image on the internet, instead, I'll just create my own.

THE Nikon D7000. 
The weapon I chose to get the job done is the Nikon D7000. Why Nikon you ask? Well, I believe that Nikon cameras are just simply the best when it comes to portraiture. (But that's just my opinion) I was also influenced by my wonderful Aunt. She travels the world during her free time to take photos in places like Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore just to name a few. She also has a Nikon D7000 and she highly recommends it.

If you're wondering where I got this camera, I ordered it online. I got it from a very well reputed and trustworthy store called Kimstore. They are an online retailer of cameras and gadgets. The thing that is unique about them is the jaw-dropping prices of their products. It is easily 20-30% lower than other retailers with actual shops. I think they sell their wares for a cheap price because they don't have to pay for actual land, equipment and rent of a store. You can find them on Multiply here:

I paid for it via Bank Transfer and the item was delivered to me the next day. No hassle and easy transaction.

I shall call you Ned.
I decided to name my Nikon 'Ned' after Ned Stark in George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones novel. (I am an amazingly addicted fan of this series) Ned Stark is an honest, faithful and loyal Warden of the North and I believe that Ned, my camera, will honestly show me the true image of a subject, faithfully capture it in with all its details and loyally serve as my trusted companion in my quest of photography.

As I sit here and wait for the battery to finish charging, I can't help but feel an itch in my fingers. I am yearning to shoot again and relive the thrill of seeing a different world through a lens.

Milling Season is now officially, OPEN!

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