Monday, November 28, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

It's really rare when we get free time to just laze around and do the things that we want to do. The first sem was a nightmare in terms of schoolwork. So far, this second semester is looking a wee bit more lax and peaceful. Therefore, we make the most out of the moments when we can get away with being "bums for a day". This is one of those moments. 

The boys decided to go out and do something spontaneous after our Public Relations class ended pretty early on a Monday night. 

We decided to visit our usual haunt Kabisero for some BBQ and beer. We used to frequent Kabisero a lot during the second semester of our third year. But ever since the management changed, we've been avoiding the place for sometime. We decided to test the waters again and see if there was any improvement.

"Dumb Shit" - Nick

They changed the menu. I used to love their original recipe for BBQ.

at least the patrons are nice :>

Bokeh Star

They didn't even have their famous Boneless chicken. Some of us had to stick with the crappy fried chicken. 

Le Sausages. There are 2 Missing In Action though. 

Grilled Liempo

Garlic Liempo


We thought the management would have improved, but we were wrong. The service took extremely long, the food quality was mediocre and they lost the atmosphere and the flavor that made customers come back to the Old Kabisero.

I don't think the boys and I will be heading back to Kabisero anytime soon.

It was nice forgetting about school work for a night. But the only thing that nags me is the question: Just how long is the Calm before the Storm?

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