Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, both UA&P teams won second place in the Ateneo Intercollegiate Marketing Seminar (AIMS). I wrote a little something-something about it on my Facebook account which can be found here: My Facebook Album of AIMS (So if you're not my friend, you better add me!)

Anyway, here are some of the photos I liked during the competition. 

The UA&P AIMS Team 2011. (L-R) Patrick, Gino, Ish, Isabel, Nine, Ton, Jean, Tor, Bern and Dre. 
Go Team UA&P! Unitas!

There were a lot of sleepless nights involved. Thank God for caffeine. 

The event was held in the Unilad Bayanihan Center, Pasig City. Pretty decent event. 

Ish presenting Dentsu's environmental advocacy case. It's on you!

The 1st place team from UP who won the Dentsu case.

Here's a shot of everyone who participated in the event. 

They served cocktails after the event. 

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